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Flower Decoration

Let your wedding bloom in beautiful colours!

No wedding is complete without flowers. They not only bring in the beauty of nature, they also symbolize the blossoming of a beautiful relationship. We bring you a wide range of floral decorations ranging from marigolds, jasmine, roses and much more.

Floral wedding decorations

The wedding ceremony calls for a lot of floral decorations and these can be designed with unique themes. Whether you dream of a simple floral canopy or an elaborate one, we will design and execute the perfect one to match your budget.

Garland decorations

Garlands are an integral part of the wedding ceremony. We bring you designer floral garlands that will reflect the spirit of the ceremony. You can choose from simple garlands to elaborate ones made from hundreds of flowers.

Stage flower decoration

Decorating the wedding stage or reception stage is an art by itself. We can design stunning stage flower creations that will be the talk of the town. We can also create themed floral decorations.

Car Decoration

Floral decorations for the bridal car can turn into stunning creations of grace and beauty. We design both theme car decorations as well as simple and elaborate ones based on personal taste.

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